Dr. Helen He


When a couple is trying to have a baby and can't, it can be emotionally and financially draining. Acupuncture solves couples infertility problems by focusing on enhancing the quality of eggs, sperm, endometrial lining and cervical fluid. It can support patients during In Vitro Fertilization, Artificial Insemination, and Hormonal Therapy cycles.

Acupuncture can solve couples infertility problems by reducing stress, increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs   which can help thicken the lining of the uterus and therefore increasing the chances of conception as well as balancing the endocrine system, according to several studies and medical research. It can also help lower overall stress levels, because stress hormones can lower fertility hormones like progesterone

The sessions can begin at any time during the fertility treatment -- before you start taking any oral or injectable drugs to help "prep" your body; during drug treatment to help deal with side effects (nausea, moodiness, fatigue); or during IVF cycles. Doing acupuncture before trying drugs or IVF might help you avoid those treatments altogether

The current research points to increased pregnancy rates when couples include acupuncture as part of their infertility care, working in conjunction with the doctors and fertility clinics to support patients in improving the chance of conception.

Areas where acupuncture can help in Fertility :